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Victor Ponzo

Victor has been playing bass and writing music for over 35 years. He played in his early years in New York City and was musically influenced by 70′s British hard rock, The Doors and Allman Brothers. Once in college at Fordham he began writing music and with two of his friends formed the popular Hi Fly who played all the large clubs in New York. Hi Fly were all original act with a huge following and interest from Columbia Records. Drawing influence from Stanley Clarke to Deep Purple Victor was also privileged to jam with many top writers and players from that era including Paul Simon and The Talking Heads. He has now returned to the music sceneafter raising a family with this very exciting project. “This blues based band has some strong legs under it and is making wonderful music!” Victor also can be seen playing the drums with The Spoilers and continues to play bass and write music with his drummer from Hi Fly and musical partner since 1979.